Growth Equation Solver: Intelligent executive committee investment solution

Client: Pernod Ricard
Date: 2023
Services: Product Design


Rolled-out in France and in the USA to manage affiliates investments between levers


At the affiliates level, executive committees decide investment levels accross multiple levers to make sure to reach net sales objectives, and align actions between functions.

Intelligent solutions created for Marketing, Portfolio management, Revenue Management and Sales planning, make possible to track historical performance of the business and to estimate investments scenarios based on each solutions algorithms.

This is the true meaning of a data driven company: managing at the highest level the investments based on AI scenarios.

More information about the digital transformation in Pernod Ricard FY21 Annual Report Page 34

Where it all started

An external consultancy team proposed to Pernod Ricard to use the multiple intelligent solution in place to manage investments accross levers. They provided and interactive prototype to showcase their idea and the Digital Team looked for pilot market to finalize the solution. Sadly, the prototype was to complicated and the explanation was very technical and affiliates executive committee didn’t buy the idea.

My team was called at that moment to clarify user needs and simplify the interface.

The first workshop with future users showed that:

  • it lacks a clear overall dashboard with the main information
  • the scenario creation process required to define investment level in advance
  • there were too many features and information on each page, confusing users on what was important on the page

To bring some solutions we followed those simple design principles:

  • real time interactions with data rather than sequential inputs
  • focus on information and actions, more than on features
  • remove the non-neccessary features for the MVP

Final screens

Target user flow


In one month, my team interated 8 times with the Chief Digital Officer (former affiliates and regional Director). Here are presented the smooth evolutions.

Historical performance tracking

18 months rolling forecast

Create and compare forecast scenarios


Scenario management requires to track successive evolutions done by a single contributor or by a group of people.

Final version