DStar: Intelligent sales planning solution

Client: Pernod-Ricard
Date: 2020 - 2023
Services: Product Design


Rolled out in 10 countries
with an impact of 30M€ on the contributive margin per year



At Pernod Ricard, sales representatives target 35 visits per weeks, on top of contract negociations and administrative tasks. Each week they receive the business priority given by a national business planner to help them identify the venue they will visits.

Pernod Ricard decided to help them optimize their time and effort by supporting them with AI: DSTAR provides them 30 recommendation of venues with a list of products to propose.

My team and I worked on this product continuously. Rolling-out new countries every 6 to 12 months, and integrating new modifications requiered by the users and countries management.

More information about the digital transformation in Pernod Ricard FY21 Annual Report Page 34

Final screens


iPad web app for sales representatives

Desktop « Control Tower » for national sales planning

One national business planner use AI to create simulations and decides which sales visits priorization is the most effective

Retool Indian Control Tower 

For efficiency purposes we stopped developping specific webapps per countries and migrated to a no-code tool (Retool). In design we used the retool components library and applied a specific theming close to our Design System « Archipelago »

Control tower options are different for each country

Control Tower allow the creation of multiple simulation and the analysis of promotion coverage, sales representatives individual visits.