Archipelago: Pernod Ricard Design System

Client: Pernod Ricard
Date: 2021 - 2023
Services: Design System


Delivery speed increased by 37%.

6 internal AI solutions used Archipelago, representing 3.3M€ in design & front end development costs per year. 


When I joined the digital transformation at the very beginning in October 2020, 3 intelligent solutions was planned for release 4 month later in February. At that time, we selected Ant Design system because of it completeness in term of components.

Very quickly, we identified that each solution was very similar in terms of interactions:

  • Visualize historical informations,
  • Create simulation and input data,
  • Compare simulations

At that time, none of the squad had the time to think about what I named the para-app: all the additional features that make the difference between the results of an algorithm displayed on an empty page and a fully usable solution, for example:

  • Homepage and welcome screen
  • Activity notifications
  • Profile
  • FAQ
  • Simulation creation
  • Simulation comparaison

The creation of Pernod Ricard design system followed 2 objectives:

  • Align the multiple solutions visually and in term of interactions
  • Accelerate the design and developments phases by building organisms and templates

More information about the digital transformation in Pernod Ricard FY21 Annual Report Page 34

Final screens

Color palette



AI Patterns

Component example: Datepicker

Component example: Header