de de François Guern - Digital Attaché

Digital strategist with 8 years of experience. Specialized on digital market analysis.

As both a researcher and strategist, I’m driven to deepen our collective understanding of how technology and disruptive innovation influence both humans and society. This conviction fuels my professional passion to develop optimal innovation strategies.

I am also keen on political, economic and cultural news. Going to the theatre, opera, concerts and reading american literature are my hobbies.

My Resume (english)

// Story

People say that I am a digital baby: my eyes were shining when I received my first video game console at the age of 6: the NES with duck-hunt! That day marked my entrance in the digital world: my first computer at 11 (Pentium 100 + Windows 3.1!), the Internet at home in 2000, the ADSL in 2003. NES Console Surprisingly I did not get interested in coding, but in how my family and friends used they digital devices. What kind of problems did they face? I loved spending hours trying and understanding how computer worked, but that was only because it helped me to understand my relatives’ problems. The famous Microsoft headline « plug & play » appears to be a joke. Nothing was plug and play and humans had to adapt to the device. Through my studies and professional experience, I have always tried to make it the other way around: we want tailor-made machines, tools that integrate our practices and are designed for us.

That’s why I started working in industrial R&D. First at Xerox Research Center Europe to analyse color management problems printers were facing. NES Console Then, I joined Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs from 2008 to 2012 as a digital planner to improve user centered innovations of the Applications Domain. We introduced in this telecommunication R&D research center the notion of usability and human centered design. During 4 years, we created web based applications relying on ethnography, sociology, ergonomic, design, and computer science. Now, I work for Nurun in strategic planning because I wanted to deliver these innovations to customers more quickly: from the upstream of innovation, to the operational strategies that lead to the use of digital tools.

During my stay at Bell Labs, I also led a doctoral research on market pull in industrial R&D. NES Console My doctoral thesis focused on the concept of user as the establishment of a model of demand. For forty years, the literature in sciences and technology studies, in design and in strategy have been revealing the importance of users in the innovation process. This doctoral research aims at exploring further this issue by studying the institutional, economical and socio-technical reasons that settle the user as an artefact in the research laboratory of Bell Labs. My research is based on the invaluable and unstudied scientific journal of Bell Labs: the Bell Labs Technical Journal.

The essay is free and publicly available on this link.